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Carl Hanssen



  • Evaluator 


Dr. Hanssen is an experienced evaluator with a 15 year track record in both the public and private sectors. He has participated in nearly 100 different projects during that time, many of which he led as the project manager. His experience includes multi-year studies for private foundations, large federal government projects, a diverse group of survey research and data collection efforts for businesses, and evaluation of multiple training programs and curricula for a professional services firm.

Dr. Hanssen has extensive experience working with Federal Government programs. Current and past government projects include

Principal Investigator for external evaluation of the Milwaukee Mathematics Partnership funded by the National Science Foundation Math Science Partnership program.
Principal Investigator for evaluation of the Nuclear Power Technician Training program at Bismarck State College, funded by the National Science Foundation Advanced Technological Education program;
co-Principal Investigator for evaluation of the National Science Foundation Advanced Technological Education program; and
Principal Investigator for metaevaluation of the Centers For Disease Control SWAT methodology.

Dr. Hanssen is an experienced facilitator and presenter who has led numerous focus groups, conducted training sessions, and made regular presentations at professional conferences. In addition to conducting evaluation and measurement projects, Dr. Hanssen has developed and delivered several programs designed to assist others in applying sound measurement practice. In addition, Dr. Hanssen has led a number of management development training programs and has experience as a college instructor.

Dr. Hanssen earned a BA from Northwestern University, an MA from Western Michigan University, and a Ph.D. in Evaluation, Measurement and Research from Western Michigan University. His dissertation examined the application of structural equation modeling to the multisite evaluation context. 


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