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MSP LNC 2011

2011 MSP Learning Network Conference - Video Archive

January 23-25, 2011
Washington, DC

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Monday, January 24th 2011

Keynote Address: Developing Diagnostic Assessments of STEM Learning: Key Decisions

Jere Confrey

Welcome by NSF

Barbara Olds, Acting Deputy Assistant Director, Directorate of Education and Human Resources, NSF
Linda Slakey, Division Director, Division of Undergraduate Education, NSF

Keynote Panel: STEM - Delivering on the Promise

Moderator: Patricia OConnell Johnson, Team Leader, MSP Program, Office of Elementary and Secondary Education, US Department of Education
Panelist: Michael Lach, Science Advisor to the Secretary of Education
Panelist: James Shelton, Assistant Deputy Secretary of Education for Innovation and Improvement
Tuesday, January 25th 2011

Scaling Up

James E. Hamos, MSP Program Director, NSF

Keynote Panel: Multiple Perspectives on Understanding Student Success

Panelist: Patrick Sean Smith, Senior Research Associate, Horizon Research, Inc.
Panelist: Judy Hickman, Educational Testing Service
Panelist: Al Cuoco, Senior Scientist and Director of the Center for Mathematics Education, Education Development Center, Inc.

Farewell by NSF

James E. Hamos, MSP Program Director, NSF